Dig Report

Inglesham day trip, May 2019

In order to meet the scheduled project plan for the late May bank holiday weekend, an extra day’s work for a small crew was needed to complete the chamber brickwork.

An extra day working on the south wall gap

Sunday 5 May 2019

During the April weekend it became apparent that the critical path the removing the Scaffolding was 4 days… and we wanted to remove all the scaffolding back to Brimscombe by the Sunday evening of the Late May Bank holiday dig weekend. This meant we were a day short, so a small crew volunteered for an extra day of action on the Sunday of the early May bank holiday.

Unfortunately, Ian and I accidentally found ourselves at Seend beer festival on the Saturday evening- but we bravely met Nigel and Alan and team at Inglesham on the Sunday morning to carry out the plan. The goal was to cast the first fake stone behind the metal gate hinge quoin liner and complete all the remaining brickwork in the chamber and gate recess so everything would be ready to set the remaining coping stones on the chamber wall on the Friday of the long weekend dig, meaning the big hinge quoin replacement stone could be cast on the Saturday and faced on the Sunday.

By the end of Sunday, we had achieved the goal of completing all the brickwork, and Nigel even volunteered to return on the Monday to remove the shuttering and face the stone. Ian and I headed back to Wiltshire to reunite ourselves with our families via a very well deserved kebab. At least that is what we told ourselves.

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