Dig Report

Inglesham, September 2019

One final weekend working at Inglesham lock with London WRG to clear the compound and hand the site over to CCT for maintenance.

Joint Dig with LWRG, Finishing Inglesham Lock

21/22 September 2019

One more weekend should do it! Having finished the chamber rebuild and all the structural works, one final weekend was needed to install fencing and remove as much as possible from the site compound back to Brimscombe. This also gave us an opportunity to have a bit of a Saturday evening celebration to look back over the whole project and reflect on what we had all achieved.

So with Tim from London WRG leading, a good group headed to site on Saturday with a plan to work late and complete the final chamber clearance, all the fencing and tidying up in a day – as the weather forecast for Sunday was abysmal.

As it turned out for once the plan came to fruition – which turned out to be fortuitous as the weather on Sunday was indeed biblical. There were some kit storying and tidying jobs to be done at Brimbscome, so the day wasn’t completely wasted.

With thanks to Tim and LWRG for having us, Harri and Jude for catering, Jenny for the beer and Rick for providing us with such a great and rewarding project. On to the next one!

See our special feature for a full report of the Inglesham Lock Restoration.

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